Gluten Free Restaurants in Tokyo


“Gluten Free” seems to be a newly emerged keyword these days.  I hear it not only from people who are allergic to gluten, but also from people who are trying out this kind of diet influenced by Hollywood celebs and such.  Whatever the cause may be, there are some gluten free restaurants in Tokyo.  Unfortunately there are not many in Ebisu, so the list will include non-Ebisu place.

88 Cafe in Ogikubo


This is a rice themed cafe located in Ogikubo.  Their main menu is rice noodle made of rice flour from Niigata-Pref.  They offer 3 type of soup for their rice noodles: ginger soup, tomato soup and soy soup.  Their 88 burger with rice flour buns and their loco moco are quite popular as well.

Green Ogikubo 101
4 Choume 33-16 Ogikubo
Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 〒167-0051 See on Google Map
Phone: 03-3393-0822



Komehiro is a bakery located in Musashi-Sakai.  They offer bread made 100% from rice flour, so their breads are wheat free, egg free, gluten free.  None of the bread sold at Komehiro uses wheat, gluten, egg, preservatives, yeast food or thickener.  Very simple and natural ingredients.

2 Choume 3-18 Sakai,
Musashino-shi, Tokyo 〒180-0022 See on Google Map
Tel&Fax: 0422-77-6616


This is a new type of vegetable ramen.  As you can predict, quite popular with the ladies.  For Vegan Vegetable Noodles, you have a choice of gluten free rice noodles or regular (as in not-gluten-free) paprika noodles.   This is what it looks like.  Unlike how ramen should be, it looks very colorful and healthy.

Color of Soranoiro

Broth is vegetable based with tomato, olive oil and such.  Light flavor and easy on the stomach.  You get a handful of vegetable toppings as well.  It seems volumey, but it’s all vegetables, so it can be done.    Seems worthy of 28 minutes train ride from Ebisu.

1 Choume-3-10 Hirakawachō,
Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 102-0093 See on Google Map
Phone: 03-3263-5460
HP / FBTabelog / Ramen Adventure

Of course, they have regular (as in non-gluten free) ramen, too.  The one Brian from Ramen Adventure is eating in the video is not gluten free… but you’ll get the idea of the atmosphere.

Japan Crepe Harajuku Branch

They have gluten free crepes made of 100% free rice flour.   If you come to Harajuku from elsewhere, for reason strange reason, crepes are a must.

via Harajuku 1F
1 Choume 15-1 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku Tokyo See on Google Map
Phone: 03-3408-2828
FB / Gurunavi


Sweets cafe located in Shirokane Takanawa, which isn’t too far from Ebisu.  They have gluten free cakes and cake salé made from rice flour.

F Flat 1F
1 Choume 1-3 Takanawa
Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒108-0074 See on Google Map
Phone: 03-5422-7116
HP / Tabelog



Soba noodle place in Ebisu, newly opened in 2015.  Fast & cheap and nothing fancy, but their soba is quite good and it’s made from 100% buckwheat flour.  They make their own soba in the shop, so it sounds quite promising.   Located about 1 minute walk from Ebisu station West Exit.  Open from 7AM-5AM.

1 Choume 8-14 Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0013  See on Google Map
Phone: 03 6279 4238
yelp / Tabelog


Very popular cafe & juice stand bar in Ebisu.  They have a good selection of fresh juice and smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Fresh juices are made of whatever is in season, so what is avaiable is highly seasonal.  They make the juice after you order in front of you, so you know where it came from and how it was made.  They are into the idea of organic stuff in general.  A bit pricey for what they are, but you do get the quality you pay for.  A friend of mine, Yuukou, whom I met in Australia used to work here, based on what I have heard from him and have seen the shop atmosphere is great for both customers and workers.  Fresh juices are, of course, gluten free, but they also have gluten free muffin, etc.

1 Choume 17-1 Ebisunishi
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0021 See on Google Map
Phone: 03-6427-8580
HP / healthy tokyoFB / Ebisu Journal /


This blog “Gluten Free in Japan” is, as the name may reveal, also about gluten free diet in Japan, or in Tokyo so it might be relevant and worth checking out.

BTW, a beer named Nodogoshi Nama is the only gluten free Japanese beer.  I did not know that.  Also I noticed that most of restaurants that were heavily relying on the concept of gluten free seem to have gone out of business already.

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